On the Road: TDOT officials tour state in support of Haslam’s IMPROVE plan

Via Citizen Tribune

The road trip for Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposed IMPROVE Act made a stop in Morristown on Wednesday.

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer presented his arguments for the “Improving Manufacturing and Public Roads and Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy” Act in a noon meeting held at the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce.… Continue reading

Senate subcommittee amends, unanimously approves Gov. Haslam’s gas tax bill

By Joel Ebert via The Tennessean

A recently formed Senate transportation subcommittee unanimously approved Gov. Bill Haslam’s gas tax proposal but an altered version than how it was introduced.

The subcommittee amended Haslam’s bill which is a caption — broadly written legislation that allows for changes — to only include a list of transportation projects that would be addressed if the measure is approved.… Continue reading

Haslam transportation bill maneuver leaves opponents in its exhaust

By Andy Sher via Times Free Press

Supporters of Gov. Bill Haslam’s transportation funding bill zigzagged past opponents in a key House panel Wednesday and emerged with an altered plan they nonetheless control and can change down the road.

Transportation Subcommittee members approved the bill, but minus the Republican governor’s proposed gas tax increase.… Continue reading