Multimodal Transportation

Bus Rapid Transit
BusRapidTransit1Bus Rapid Transit, or BRT, offers the flexibility of a bus with the efficiency of rail. BRT operates in an exclusive “busway” in dedicated rights of way or mixed traffic. It utilizes infrastructure and technology to reduce travel time. Cities operating BRT include Houston, Phoenix and Cleveland.

Light Rail
LightRailLight rail is a medium- to high-capacity, high-speed service. It operates in an exclusive guide-way in dedicated rights of way or mixed traffic. Light rail can be used for short- or long-haul trips. Cities operating light rail include Dallas, Charlotte, Denver and Portland.

Commuter Rail
Commuter RailCommuter rail is a higher-capacity, longer-distance travel. It operates typically on existing freight rail tracks with a service focused on peak commuting times. Cities operating commuter rail include Nashville, Chicago, and Dallas/Fort Worth.

Heavy Rail
Heavy RailHeavy rail is a higher-capacity, higher-speed service operating on exclusive rights of way with no grade crossings. It is typical in areas with very high-demand corridors. Cities operating heavy rail include Chicago, Washington, Atlanta and Boston.

MonorailMonorail is used for medium-capacity, shorter-distance travel. It operates on a single narrow beam that is typically elevated. Monorail service is focused on local area circulation. Cities operating monorail include Las Vegas, Jacksonville and Seattle.