Traffic Costs Tennessee Cities More than $1.1 Billion Annually

Via Think Tennessee

Traffic congestion in Tennessee’s four largest cities ranks in the worst half of the nation and costs Tennessee more than $1.1 billion annually, according to a new report gathered by nonpartisan think tank ThinkTennessee.

Using data from the INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard, ThinkTennessee found that Nashville drivers spend nearly a full work week (33.6 hours) sitting in traffic and lose an average of $1,308 each year to traffic-related costs.… Continue reading

On the Road: TDOT officials tour state in support of Haslam’s IMPROVE plan

Via Citizen Tribune

The road trip for Gov. Bill Haslam’s proposed IMPROVE Act made a stop in Morristown on Wednesday.

Tennessee Department of Transportation Commissioner John Schroer presented his arguments for the “Improving Manufacturing and Public Roads and Opportunities for a Vibrant Economy” Act in a noon meeting held at the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce.… Continue reading

Senate subcommittee amends, unanimously approves Gov. Haslam’s gas tax bill

By Joel Ebert via The Tennessean

A recently formed Senate transportation subcommittee unanimously approved Gov. Bill Haslam’s gas tax proposal but an altered version than how it was introduced.

The subcommittee amended Haslam’s bill which is a caption — broadly written legislation that allows for changes — to only include a list of transportation projects that would be addressed if the measure is approved.… Continue reading